Antique to Glamtique!

Say the word "antique" and  it conjurs images of brown furniture, frayed fabrics, expensive dishes and a snobbish clique of experts using words like "neoclassical" & "baroque".  There is, without doubt,  a need for experts who can value our family heirlooms and can make sure we are not slathering gloss paint over a priceless Chippendale but there is also a need to realise that not all old furniture is highly valuable and MUST be preserved in its original state to be of any worth.  Take a trip to a junk shop, thrift store, auction room to see that there is a huge amount of furniture & ornaments out there that was massed produced in the last 100 years and that the majority of it has no real value as an antique. BUT, what it does have is integrity.  It will be well made, well finished, functional and it will easily be a useful item for another 100 years (more than can be said for that self-assembly chipboard shelf unit lurking in the garage!).  All that these pieces need is updating to allow them to work in our 21st Century homes. It can be as simple as draping a costume jewellery necklace over a candleabra.  
The concept of ReVamp came from this train of thought but it can work on different levels and creating "Glamtiques" is a fun, show-off and easy way to have antiques and vintage pieces in our homes.
This half moon hall table was picked up from auction in a job lot for a few pounds. It's not particularly old, maybe 40-50 years, but they are really common and have fallen out of favour with interiors today so they tend to appear in auctions & junk shops fairly regularly! This one was given the Hollywood treatment, once sanded, a few coats of pink paint, some fabulous diamantes and sealed with a kiss! The name for this little cutie has to be Marilyn!  

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