Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year, New Re-Vamps!

Modern frame over vintage frame (water colour by my dad!)
Hello all, apologies for my absence. December was a very busy month workwise, lots of projects with deadlines which was made all the more difficult with the snow.  Fabric and furniture held in delivery depots among a vast backlog of everyones Christmas internet shopping!
Today I am not long out of bed as I'm suffering from the dreaded flu. Hopefully on the mend now.
Anyway, more interesting are some tips on mixing old & new. 

Pieces of vintage furniture made by, for example, G Plan and Heal's have beautiful slim proportions.  Sideboards and tables with elegant tapered legs. Display cabinets that are the perfect depth for CDs & DVDs.

  The shallow depth of the cabinetry works brilliantly with our new "micro" technology.  Ipod docks take up so little space they can sit unobtrusively on a sideboard. Flat screen TVs can perch on a 1950s sideboards quite comfortably. Games & peripherals stowed neatly away in the drawers. I have put some wallpaper in the display section of this one.  I haven't quite decided if "it's the one" so it's not stuck down yet! It updates the cabinet and ties it in with the scheme of the room. A paint finish on the inside would work well too.


  1. love the frame within a frame moira....hope you are feeling better soon...hugs kath xxx

  2. look forward to you back in action and your new creations
    Anne xxx


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