Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Last Post...

I have started a Blog for Rustiques so I hope you will follow me! I will close this blog shortly and hope to see you at Rustiques!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Rustiques...........it's a full time job!

Hello all, I have set up a new blog and hopefully it'll be up & at 'em soon! Meantime I've got a Facebook page that you can see all the pics of the shop from re-fit to first stock arrivals! Stick with me Bloggers!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Good-bye ReVamp....Hello Rustiques!!!

If you have been wondering where I have been of late I can now tell all!  About 6 weeks ago I came across the perfect premises for my dream shop. So with  much heartache I had to hand in my notice at my day job to concentrate in getting my venture off the ground. So much to sort out!
The shop is on beautiful Deeside in an old sawmill/steading.  The inside needs a bit of TLC but I will take you with me on the transformation.
Now about the shop. Hmmm, it's an interesting mix of furniture styles, vintage/French/reclaimed, lovely lambswool throws and cushions, home accessories & gifts, custom designed soft furnishings & upholstery, and of course painted furniture! I hope to stock Annie Sloan paints and possibly run workshops.
Mine, all mine!

I hope you will all continue to follow me and come with me on this journey. I get the keys tomorrow and will post pictures of the shop as I bring it towards the Grand Opening.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Take one old decanter......

......fill it with something bright such as....feathers!

Then glue a bulb holder with plug (can be bought from a DIY store) into the neck of the decanter. 
I used a 2-part adhesive, it seems to be strong enough!
Make a cute lamp shade in proportion with the decanter......and hey presto...
A ReVamped decanter! Easy peasy!!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year, New Re-Vamps!

Modern frame over vintage frame (water colour by my dad!)
Hello all, apologies for my absence. December was a very busy month workwise, lots of projects with deadlines which was made all the more difficult with the snow.  Fabric and furniture held in delivery depots among a vast backlog of everyones Christmas internet shopping!
Today I am not long out of bed as I'm suffering from the dreaded flu. Hopefully on the mend now.
Anyway, more interesting are some tips on mixing old & new. 

Pieces of vintage furniture made by, for example, G Plan and Heal's have beautiful slim proportions.  Sideboards and tables with elegant tapered legs. Display cabinets that are the perfect depth for CDs & DVDs.

  The shallow depth of the cabinetry works brilliantly with our new "micro" technology.  Ipod docks take up so little space they can sit unobtrusively on a sideboard. Flat screen TVs can perch on a 1950s sideboards quite comfortably. Games & peripherals stowed neatly away in the drawers. I have put some wallpaper in the display section of this one.  I haven't quite decided if "it's the one" so it's not stuck down yet! It updates the cabinet and ties it in with the scheme of the room. A paint finish on the inside would work well too.
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