Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sew Happy It's Snowing!

Having been totally snow-bound this weekend I've had no excuse to not be creative. I re-covered a footstool in my current favourite fabric!! I also  made a couple of small cushions just for the heck of it! If I had a wooden lodge in the mountains it would be full of this deer motif fabric. It works so well with tartans, checks, wool, wood & fur. Just the thing for this kind of weather.

My second favourite fabric has to be toile.  It has a real vintage feel to it but it can work well in a modern interior.  As always I'm working with remants & scraps. I picked up this pink toile de jouy panel at a junk yard. It had been beautifully sewn into a curtain but it was badly stained & faded at the edges. It didn't leave me much fabric to work with so the faithful tote bag pattern came out again, cheers Anne!
Lurking in the background in those photos is another wee doggie cushion, here he is in all his glory!!


  1. Hello you...looks like you have had a very busy weekend...loving ALL your creations in this post!!! Take care and stay safe!! Kirsti xxx

  2. I just adore that fabric, your so right, would go with anything and looks so lush, enjoy the snow.xx

  3. yup, am still loving that fabric - so do we have a deal, my 3 kids for the chair and footstool??

  4. Debz, I'm sure we could negotiate a time-share arrangement!! Janette, the phase of snow enjoyment has truly passed, but on the positive side, being at home means more creativity, hopefully!

  5. Was snowbound too Moira , not a million miles from you either !!! At no. 26 to be precise !! Daryl got me back here last night and am now snowed in here ---- of to join you in the sewing frenzy !!! YAY


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