Sunday, 21 November 2010

Good day at the Arches

Spent a great day at Aberdeen Antique Centre today. I rent a space there where I have my ReVamps for sale.  It was fab to see so many people at the centre and all were treated to mulled wine & nibbles.  I made some shades and chatted. A great way to spend a Sunday!
Some sales were made and we wave goodbye to Coco!  I also took an order for a custom made tote bag, Anne has agreed to take the commision as she is far more inventive at sewing than me!

I have been making more wee Westie cushions. It's a good use of small fabric remnants and each one turns out slightly different from the others! It's hard to see in the photos but each one has a small leather nose to match their hearts. So cute!

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  1. glad you had a good day yesterday those westie cushions...sorry I couldn't come along...had to go and get my holiday pennies from the grandkiddies...see you soon...big hugs kath xxx


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