Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A touch of Gold....

Gilda in all her finery

Feather & Toile, a perfect combination!
Well not so much a touch more complete coverage!!!  This loom style bedroom chair, ReVamp name Gilda, was in pretty good condition and was originally gold.  All it needed was a light coat of paint sprayed on and a lovely cushion to make it a stunning piece that would add instant glitz & glamour to any bedroom.  I would always advise to use spray paint when painting a loom or wicker type piece of furniture.  Applying paint with a brush is messy and and it results in the weave getting clogged.  Several light coats of spray paint give a much better finish.  We are familiar with Lloyd Loom , click on the link to read the history, but there are many less expensive alternatives out there that can be picked up easily.


  1. wowee moira...this would change a bedroom into a boudoir....big hugs kath xxx


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