Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sweet "Fleur"

'Fleur' cabinet
Work in progress
I painted this cupboard with high gloss grey paint then I applied the baroque floral decoration. I am really pleased with this ReVamp and wanted to keep it!! The cupboard was originally a typical 1950's oak cabinet. Well made but nothing special and a bit drab. It was a salvage find and i think must have been used to store pipe tobacco judging by the aroma!  It now has a contemporay look and is a really useful piece of furniture, with no smell!!


  1. Love the Baroque Floral Finish --- Le Piece de Resistance
    anne xxx

  2. So so beautiful, I just want to live in your house, can only imagine what it must be like, wouldn't want to part with any of your work though!

  3. Funnily enough Jacqui, my house looks more like the inside of my shed!!!


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