Sunday, 24 October 2010

Monarch of the Glen

Yet another loom chair, (plenty more in my garage so be warned).  This one is particularly well made and is date stamped 1950. This bedroom chair had been painted brown, with a brush by one of its previous owners and as I've mentioned before, this method clogs the loom and doesn't give a great finish.All I could really do was give the chair a spray of brown gloss paint to cover the chips in the paint.  The seat pad however, was a different story.
First layer was a yucky brown floral with a strange felt. Truly hideous. Layer two was a funky kind of animal print with questionable stains. Layer three, the original, a green shiny fabric.  Once all had been removed I re-covered it in this wonderful deer motif fabric. I love this fabric! The chair looks so welcoming and ReVamp name, Glen, of course!!

PS. Check out Marilyn on the Antique to Glamtique page!
Mwah! from Marilyn


  1. Oh my, I really adore this, and the material you used is just perfect.....brilliant.xx

  2. Thanks Janette
    I love this fabric too. It comes in other colourways which are equally as fab!!

  3. Must tell everyone this is so fabulous in real life !!!! Such a good combination of textures Moira
    Anne xxx

  4. this looks absolutely stunning, I'd love to have it, but then I'd have to get rid of my kids
    hmmm maybe that's not such a bad deal

  5. My lot are continually being told "don't touch that!", "don't sit on that!", "put that down!". It's my Mantra I think!

  6. Thanks for a brilliant day yesterday, loved your demo and can't wait to try and create something (probably a mess) myself. So what are you going to do next?????


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