Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Likely Lads...

Or Sidney & Daryl!  These two handsome fellows are vintage Parker Knoll chairs, 1950's I think from the stamp underneath.  They were in a sorry state of saggy, green fabric and had multiple chips and scratches all over the frame.

 I had no choice but to get them French Polished professionally.  As Parker Knoll make the frames out of beech then apply a heavy lacquer it is extremely difficult to just "touch up" the scratches. Any amateur attempt would be pretty obvious!  The frames and springs were sound so I thought it was worth doing these old boys justice! 

The fabric is from Warwick, it's a favourite pattern book of mine with some beautiful designs all with a vintage edge to them.

A small follow up detail, I acquired a Parker Knoll catalogue from that brilliant source Ebay.  It has all the spec of the chairs with great sixties styling!  I particularly like the intro to the book.  I hope you can read it.


  1. Likely Lads ???? Look more like a Couple of Toffs !!!!
    Very Dashing!!!
    Anne xxx

  2. hi,
    love the chairs.
    Keep the good work up.
    Hope to see you soon.



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