Saturday, 18 September 2010

Day job!

Pulling samples together
 I've been a bit quiet on the Revamp front lately due to being a bit busy with my 9to5!  I thought I would share what I've been working on as it's quite an exciting project. My client wants a room with the entire scheme from Designers Guild. Fabric, wallpaper, upholstery, trims and rug!  Luckily Designers Guild is one of my favourite design companies as they have some amazing designs using fabulous colours and textures. 

Lush silk fabric

They are probably best known for big, overblown floral designs but they equally do geometric, animal print and subtle metallics.  Tricia Guild is the owner and creative director.  She founded the company in 1970 and it is now a huge global brand with a massive product range.
I think what I like most about Designers Guild is the use of colour and pattern which create exciting and modern schemes. On close inspection the influences on the designs are often vintage but brought up to date by changing the scale, texture or colour combinations.

Here are some lightshades I made with Designers Guild materials.


  1. Loving the shades Moira - Ab Fab !!!!!
    Anne xxx

  2. drooling over all those gorgeous fabrics and great shades...hugs kath xxx

  3. You really need to stop putting all this gorgeous stuff on your blog, the pink and black silk is to die for and one of those shades was made for my dining room, now all I need is a lottery win!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! I will be selling lampshade kits soon and will post a tutorial, so no need for the lottery Jacqui!!

  5. Mine's the black and white one !!!!
    Anne xxxxxxx


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