Sunday, 12 September 2010

Branding my Booth!

Hey folks. Today I visited my booth at the antique centre and I put up my ReVamp name! I had a few miscellaneous frames which were in various states of disrepair. Some glue, some staples, some random letters later and I had a sign.  I'm really pleased with it and I have a few ideas for other projects using the same techniques. I may start blogging tutorials, we shall see....!

My lovely husband surpised me last week with the gift of.........a new sewing machine! I think he was tired of the expletives eminating from my workroom whenever a sewing task was involved. All is quiet now, it purrs like a Porsche and so do I! Here are some "couture cushions" (good enough for Victoria Beckham, good enough for me)  that I made this week.


  1. Love the fabrics, the cushions are very posh! and glad you have a new streamline sewing machine (what a lovely hubbie), hopefully it will make all the hard work you are doing a bit easier, love the sign and if you fancy doing hands on classes then there is always a wee table that you can use in Alford x

  2. Cushtie Del !!!
    Loving the BRAND !!!
    Anne xxx


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