Monday, 23 August 2010

What a Sew and Sew...

Some soft stuff to feast your eyes upon.  These fab feathered cushion covers are made from a vintage curtain (you will see the fabric crop up on other ReVamps I'm sure!!).  The feather trim adds a touch of glamour to the lovely pale yellow satin fabric.  

These two cushions were made from fabric remnants which I thought really complimented the upholstery fabric and dark wood on the Charleston chair.
This cover is also made from fabric remnants.  My first attempt at making piping, turned out okay I thought!!  I was experimenting with pleating but that didn't turn out particularly great.  It's all a learning curve!

 If you want any information on the fabrics, paints or trims I have used in any of my ReVamps please email me or post a message and I will be very happy to  help. 


  1. They look great Moira!! Especially the feather trimmed ones. x

  2. Thanks, they're my fave. I think it's because they typify what I want to achieve, old+new=ReVamp.


I appreciate any comments left!

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