Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Quick update.........

Been busy with smaller projects, making lampshades, tags, sanding, priming, painting.........and on it goes! This is a pic of my "work table" this afternoon.  Those keen eyed observers may notice many craft tools related to many disciplines.  This is the evidence of a ReVamper.  We have many mysterious tools, pins, papers, paints, adhesives, threads, fabrics, oh the list is infinite (as is my husbands patience).The true evidence of any ReVamper is the.............BOOKS.  We can't help it. We love to read about designers, decorators, artists, antiques, colour, display, sex, murder....well maybe not the last two. That's just me!  A ReVamper loves anything that stimulates creativity with an eye on using what's available. Old and New, New and Old.   It's the future! 

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