Thursday, 12 August 2010

Light of my Life....

No, not my husband or kids but this bright thing! And yes, I know you have seen the shade already but she has to be viewed in all her splendidness on a stand. This was a heavily painted, turned wood standard lamp stand.  I lightly sanded it , primed and re-painted.  I kinda like it with old dents & chips still visible under the new paint.  I don't want my pieces to look "shiny-new" just updated & ReVamped! The shade was my own creation, over a couple of nights!


  1. Wow Moira she's gorgeous !!!!! and loving the slide show .
    Can't wait to see what's next
    Anne xxx

  2. Just made me look at the one in the corner of the conservatory in a new 'light'....mmmh


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